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  • Download our statutes here
History and objectives

The Transe-en-Danse company was created as an unformal group in 2002 by dancer and ethnologist Coline Billen. She gave the company a very specific socio-artististic approach, based on the encounter of the artists working with her, who are all of different cultural origins and of different artistic backgrounds. The diversity of the artistic and cultural inputs blending together creates a particular ”mestizada” form of expression, allowing different points of view to be expressed, at the same time as deep human bonds appear between all.

As a legal association, Transe-en-Danse was co-founded in 2008, with the aim of promoting intercultural dialogue, non-violence and active citizenship. The association wishes to achieve these goals by practicing art, creating art, and initiating people to art, through all the possible aspects of
non-formal education and within the scope of any potential intercultural exchange.

Transe-en-Danse has two main activities :
· The company creates and promotes shows of Mestizada Contemporary Dance.

· The association organizes different dance and body-consciousness lessons, and gives creative workshops, for kids, teenagers, adults and for audiences facing social difficulties (kids or teens out of school, firstly newcomers, women victims of domestic violence…).

It can also answer on demand, and adjust its activities depending on the needs of specific audiences and its age range.

For Transe-en-Danse, the “matter”, is the experience of each of its participants as an individual, their confrontation as a community, and the expression of their cultural point of views through a common theme. The form is the actual encounter of their different artistic languages.

What we call Mestizada Contemporary Dance is the “zone of harmony”, which enables everybody to be understood, to feel in communion with themselves and with the group. It is the moment of the encounter, it is the profoundness and the richness of the dialogue. "If you are different from me, brother, far from disturbing me, you are enriching me! "

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry