regard regard

Created in 2002

When two individuals meet for the first time, the first approach, the first link is their look. “Métissage”/“Mestizaje” is the encounter of visually different peoples.

One distance has place through the visual perception of differences, while if they were closing their eyes and looked with their hearts only, they would realise that further than the appearances, they are not so different.

There is a universal language: the body language. All the peoples dance. Each one in their ways. However, whereas the forms of dance are different, the energy of the movement has stayed the same everywhere and since the beginning of time: it is profoundly human.

So little by little, in the show, a dialogue appears between thoses persons who tear each other apart because of their differences –ethnic origin difference, social origin difference, gender difference, opinion difference, simply difference – but who yet breathe the same air…

Finally, those differences kind of make them similar; and from diversity emerges a particular unity : Life. « Each one has a history in his /her heart… ».

This way, dance enables people to see that, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry used to say, «If you are different from me, far from disturbing me, you enhance me ».