danse en papier

Created in 2010 - Duration : 75min

With Danse en Papier (“ID.doc”), Transe-en-Danse is closing the wide project of exchange and creation which began in 2007 on the theme of the North South relations with the companies « Ladon » and « Pierre Sacrée » from Burkina Faso.

After the numerous encounters which gave birth to it, before the show Danse en Papier, a documentary presents the vision of Europe by Africans, which demonstrates the issue of illegal migrations as an extreme consequence of the inequality of the North South relations.

The show can, on request, be accompanied by workshops initiating to art and awareness-raising on the issue of current migrations. It can also be followed by en encounter with the artists and a debate with the associated entities who are involved in the struggle for the rights of undocumented migrants.

There are two versions of the show Danse en Papier. The first one includes Burkinabe artists who have participated to the creation; whereas the artists of the second one are Brussels-only artists.