danse en papier

Created in 2010 - Duration : 75min

With Danse en Papier, kids as grownups are taken on a poetic journey, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, about the realities of exile: the reasons of the departure, the nightmarish journey, the loss of identity as arriving to destination, the anxiety of deportation, the stay in the detention center.

The show presents itself as a journey through time and space. Upon arrival, the visitor is welcomed by an interactive course that allows him to experiment in a humorous way some situations experienced by undocumented migrants. Actors themselves exploring each cm2 of the stage and sourrounding space.

The issue of illegal migrations is tackled on a microsocial point of view, by mixing subtly dance and theatre, and through the experience of the characters -full of emotions, dreams and illusions-, as well as the relationships linking them.

The set of the show and the accessories of the costumes are totally built in paper and cardboard, as a symbol of the absurdity of this administrative management of the world in which the papers become more important than the human beings themselves.